Harmony Recording Project


Harmony wasn’t always there, it was an upstart.

Music was thought to be ethereal

Major notes are happy

Minor notes are sad


After creating a melody we were asked to create a harmony to either go along with the same melody or create a new melody. I stuck with my melody and added a harmony to it.

My Harmony

Melody with added Harmony

I used a lot of notes that kind of shadow the original melody with quite a few chord progressions. Many notes come together to create polyphony. This may seem redundant but, there are a lot of harmonics.

Harmony Terms

Chord Progression- Static that moves, notes in a melody will collide, and a three note will be created

Harmonics- Hidden notes, every note has it’s own series of harmonics

Triad- Three major notes

Dissonance- Notes that don’t quite work but evoke feelings that were considered devilish

Passing Note-A note that has dissonance but is hidden with a passing note

Suspended Notes- A note that’s carried out and has dissonance

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned that it is hard to make harmony that doesn’t over take the melody. It was also difficult to find the right sound for my harmony but eventually I figured it out.

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